Welcome to Birdeye Data Services pricing guide. Below are the details of our pricing plans designed to meet the diverse needs of developers, businesses, and enterprises.


Package (X)Base Price (A)Included Compute Units (B)Data Access (D)Rate Limit (E)Cost per 1M additional CUs (F)
Standard05 MillionsLimited800 rpm*No additional CUs
Premium$19910 MillionsMost APIs1,000 rpm*$9.9
Business$99950 MillionsAll APIs + Websockets **1,500 rpm*$5.9

* rpm: request per minute

** Business package includes 1000 websocket connections. See the Compute Uni Cost for detail Compute Unit Per Byte.

Total Cost (by month) should be:


Total Cost = Base Price + Additional CUs * Overage Price

or in more exact terms:


Cost(X) = A(X) + [(T(X) - B(X))/1,000,000] * F(X)

in which,

  • X = Package Type
  • T = Total number of CUs used in the month
  • A = Base price of X
  • B = Number of CUs included in X
  • F = Cost per additional CUs in the X package

Compute Unit Pricing

Compute units are a measure of the computational resources consumed by each API call. The pricing is based on the complexity and resource requirements of individual APIs. Please check the cost (in CUs) for each API in the session Compute Units cost.

Websocket pricing

  • $150 for each additional 500 connections.
  • For custom WebSocket connection usage, please contact the Birdeye team.

Additional Information

  • All prices are in USD.
  • Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.
  • For custom pricing inquiries, please contact our sales team.

Thank you for choosing Birdeye APIs. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.