Token Info Update Service

Welcome to the Token Info Update Services provided by Birdeye. This service allows projects to update their token information on the Birdeye website, including logo, project description, social media links, and multichain addresses. Our team at Birdeye will manually verify this information to ensure its accuracy and relevance to the community.



Birdeye automatically gets token data from multiple reputable public sources such as Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Please be patient if you already submitted info to those websites. Our service, however, helps you to update token info quickly and have additional info such as project description and social links.

If you still decide to pay for our service, and your token gets info updated automatically from public sources, we will NOT refund for this reason.

How It Works

  • SUBMISSION: Fill out the Token Info Update form provided on our website.

The Form: Birdeye's Token Info Update Form

  • SELECTION: Choose either the Fast Track or Regular Track option based on your preference and urgency.
  • PAYMENT: please process payment and provide payment evidence as indicated on the form. Only request with valid payment evidence will be put into verification queue.
  • VERIFICATION: Our team will manually verify the submitted information within the specified timeframe based on your chosen track.

Service Options

Fast Track: Verify within 2 business working days, cost $300.
Regular Track: Verify within 7 business working days, cost $200.


  • Accurate Representation: Keep your token information up-to-date and accurate for your community.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your project with updated details, including logo and social media links.
  • Community Trust: Build trust and credibility by providing verified and reliable information through Birdeye.

Important Notice

  1. All the information provided for verification must be VISUAL and EASILY VERIFIED on public resources such as website and social channels.
  2. Having more social info of a token may help to increase its credibility and security score.
  3. Filling the form is the only way to update token info on Please be aware of scammers who claim to be our representatives to update the info.
  4. πŸ“’To SOLANA Projects: please note that this form helps to update token info only, it does NOT relate to the green check mark (verification status) of an SPL token. It is processed by Jupiter and their community. For more details, click HERE.
  5. For your convenience, you can update token info for maximum 1 time within 15 days after submission of this form. For this purpose, please reach out to us with the details below.
  6. Contact us if you have questions on Twitter ( or Telegram: @yuitan29