Supported networks

API Endpoint: /defi/networks

Description: This endpoint allows users to query the currently supported networks of Birdeye Data Services.

Request Method: GET

Request URL:

Request Headers:

accept: application/json

Response: The response includes a list of historical API call identifiers and the remaining time until the package's expiration.

Example Request:

curl --request GET \
     --url \

Current supported networks:

  "data": [
  "success": true

Notes for SUI network

  1. Not supported APIs:
  • Wallet APIs (v1/wallet/)
  • defi/token_security
  • defi/token_creation_info
  • defi/v2/tokens/all
  1. Data not reruned in tokenoverview endpoint
  • mc
  • supply
  1. API defi/price & API defi/token_overview
  • The liquidity calculation is currently different for this endpoint. The improvement will be release on the version 2 of both two above APIs.