What is Birdeye?

Birdeye represents a Blockchain Data Aggregator tailored for Traders. Our core objective is to assist traders in their investment deliberations through the provisioning of data-centric market analysis tools sourced from Birdeye and its affiliated partners.

What is the scope of Birdeye's functions?

Birdeye undertakes the collection and presentation of data concerning diverse blockchain projects, thereby empowering traders with insights for making well-informed decisions. Our platform encompasses a range of sophisticated functionalities designed to cater to traders, including but not limited to:

  • Token Information: Access to comprehensive details regarding a variety of tokens.

  • Trader Profiles: Gaining insights into trading activities and the performance of market traders.

  • Discovery of Promising Tokens: Employing diverse filters for the facile identification of tokens with promising potential.

  • Transaction Tracking: The ability to monitor all blockchain transactions to remain up-to-date with investment-related choices.

  • PriceBot:

    • Discord Bot: Real-time access to price, volume, liquidity, and holder information for tokens on Solana and EVM Chains directly within your Discord server.
    • Telegram Bot: Integration of the bot into your Telegram group, enabling real-time price updates for the group token. The feature also extends to setting price alerts for notifications upon reaching specified targets.
    • Telegram New Pairs Bot: Staying informed about new pair listings across supported exchanges through Telegram notifications, offering a competitive edge in identifying fresh opportunities in the market.
  • API, Web sockets, and iframes: Access to an array of integrations and tools to elevate your trading experience.

Does Birdeye possess its proprietary token?

No, Birdeye does not maintain its own dedicated token.

From where does Birdeye source its data?

Birdeye acquires data from a diverse array of origins, encompassing blockchain networks and exchanges, thereby enabling the delivery of comprehensive insights.

Across which platforms is Birdeye accessible?

Birdeye is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring seamless accessibility for users seeking to leverage its capabilities.

What is the procedure for a project to achieve verification status on Birdeye?

Verification of projects on Birdeye is administered by our partner, Jupiter. Birdeye is not directly involved in the project verification process.

How can a project update its social media information on Birdeye?

To update a project's social media information on Birdeye, you can readily make use of this dedicated form provided for the purpose.