list supported chains

API Description

  • Endpoint: /v1/wallet/list_supported_chain

  • Request Method: GET

  • Description: This API endpoint provides a list of supported blockchain chains that are available for wallet integration through the Birdeye public API.

  • Request Header:

    • Accept: application/json (Indicates that the client expects a JSON response)
  • Sample Request:

curl -X 'GET' '' -H 'accept: application/json'
  • Sample Response:
  "success": true,
  "data": [
  • Response Description:

    • success: A boolean value indicating the success of the API request. true signifies a successful request, while false indicates an error.

    • data: An array containing the supported blockchain chain identifiers. Each identifier is a string representing a specific blockchain chain that can be integrated into wallets.

  • Sample Use Case:

    • This API can be utilized by wallet service providers to fetch a list of supported blockchain chains for integration into their wallet applications.
  • Response Codes:

    • 200 OK: The request was successful, and the list of supported chains is provided.
    • 4xx/5xx: Various error responses for client or server issues.
  • Error Response:

    • If there is an error, the response will include an "error" field with additional information about the problem.
  • Security:

    • No specific security requirements are mentioned for this read-only API, but token-based authentication may be required for other API endpoints depending on the use case.